Corded St. Benedict Bracelet


St. Benedict corded bracelet with Jubilee medals

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Each bracelet is hand-made in Medjugorje at the base of Apparition Hill, where it is reported that the Blessed Virgin Mary started appearing to a group of children in 1981. Each bracelet is made using 10 Benedictine Medals, alternating front and reverse sides. It is packaged with a card explaining the symbolism of the jubilee medal. Macrame knots create a sliding knot so that the bracelet can be adjusted for fit. The bracelets are handmade in Medjugorje with medals from Italy. The sliding knot allows for bracelet sizing to fit most wrists. Various colors available.

  1. Black item# 115595
  2. Purple item# ZZ3PR
  3. Red item# 349258
  4. Dark blue item# 186322
  5. Brown item# ZZ3BN
  6. Neon item# ZZ3NE

Bracelets are $10.95 each.


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