Crux Trinitas Paschal Candle

Crux Trinitas Paschal Candle



Add this elegant Paschal candle to your altar this Easter season for a contemporary look.  The Crux Trinitas Paschal candle features a wax appliqué of a tripartite cross.  A tripartite cross is formed by the intersection of groups of three bars.  The groups of bars represent the Holy Trinity and the twelve resulting points symbolize the Twelve Apostles.  The burgundy cross appliqué floats upon a subtle gold field and the upper and lower bands feature gold accents. Made of 51% beeswax for consistent longer and cleaner burning candle. Made in the USA. It is available in a variety of sizes. Follow this LINK for sizes and prices, or call The Paraclete for assistance at 865-588-0388.


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