Eximious Ascension Paschal Candle

Eximious Ascension Paschal Candle



With an artistic pallet of soft celestial hues of sky blue and angelic white, the Ascension Paschal candle features meticulous craftsmanship inspired by the joyful occasion of our Lord’s Ascension. The glorious center center cruciform presents the appearance of movement, rising upward from the flowing Alpha and Omega toward the ascending dove, symbol of the Holy Spirit. The striking hand-marbled ornamental bands ensure that each candle is a unique work of art. This candle is composed of 51% beeswax which burns slowly and cleanly, ensuring maximum use with a minimum of wax dripping. Made in the USA, it is available in a variety of sizes. Follow this LINK for sizes and prices, or call The Paraclete at 865-588-0388 for assistance.

NOTE: Because each Eximious candle is custom made, they require 6-8 weeks for completion.


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