Eximious Cross of Erin Paschal Candle

Eximious Cross of Erin Paschal Candle



Designed and handcrafted in a highly individual style, the metallic bronze wax cross is the feature element of the Cross of Erin. With the arms and shaft joined by four great arcs; the cross includes engraved mouldings, interlacing, intricate frets, and a three-tiered base containing key symbols of the Paschal candle: the Alpha and Omega, Lamb of God, and the current year. Enhancing the detail of the cross are handmade wax gemstones in brilliant hues of emerald and violet–an elegant approach to the traditional Paschal nail. Composed of 51% beeswax, the candle burns slowly and cleanly, ensuring , ensuring maximum use with a minimum of wax dripping. Made in the USA, it is available in a variety of sizes. Follow this LINK for sizes and prices, or call The Paraclete at 865-588-0388 for assistance.

NOTE: Because each Eximious candle is custom made, they require 6-8 weeks for completion.


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