Eximious Lilium Paschal Candle

Eximious Lilium Paschal Candle



Each Lilium Paschal candle is mastercrafted from 51% beeswax, individually benchworked and hand tooled to create its lovely design.  Featuring a handsome fleur-de-lis cross,  the Lilium Pascjal Candle renders this ancient symbol of the Holy Trinity is an exquisite royal blue and gold color scheme. Ornamental bands with bronze medallions of the Agnus Dei and Chi Rho monogram of our Lord are beautifully adorned with bees-a notable symbol of sacrifice celebrated in the Easter Exsultet. Individually hand-crafted, each Lilium candle is a truly majestic celebration of the Resurrection of our Lord and the gift of eternal life. Follow this LINK for available sizes and prices, or call The Paraclete for assistance.

NOTE: Because each Eximious candle is custom made, they require 6-8 weeks for completion.



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