He Is Risen Paschal Candle

He Is Risen Paschal Candle



Entitled, “He is Risen” this paschal candle consists of a vibrantly colored decal over a candle of 51% beeswax. The image depicts the Risen Lord in all His Glory  in front of a blue circle and lines depicting light radiating out behind Him.  An alpha and omega rest on a vivid yellow field above and below the image of Christ. A banner at the base of the design reads “He is Risen”. This candle will continue to burn safely past the decal.  Order this joyous proclamation of the Risen Lord in your choice of eighteen sizes by utilizing the drop-down menu we have provided. it is made of 51% beeswax for a consistent longer and cleaner burning candle. Made in the USA. Available in a variety of sizes. Follow this LINK for sizes and prices, or call The Paraclete for assistance at 865-588-0388.


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