Ornamented Paschal Candle

Ornamented Paschal Candle



The Ornamented paschal candle is the ideal choice for this year’s paschal candle. The Ornamented paschal candle is well named as it is beautifully decorated with gold foil Easter imagery. Included are images of the Lamb of God, the risen Christ, Easter Lilies and a gold crown at the very top. In the center is a cross with the Alpha and Omega symbols. Adorned with maroon nails, the Ornamented paschal candle visually celebrates the joy of Easter and Christ’s resurrection and triumph over death. This Ornamented paschal candle is made with 51% beeswax which burns slowly and cleanly, ensuring maximum use with a minimum of wax dripping. Made in the USA, it is available in a variety of sizes. Follow this LINK for sizes and prices, or call The Paraclete at 865-588-0388 for assistance.



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