Pyx, Assorted


Small assorted pyxes

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Small assorted pyxes are polished brass with pewter or painted accents.  They have a hinged opening at the rear and a button clasp closure. Each pyx measures approximately 1.5 x 0.5 inches and will hold between 6 and 9 small congregational hosts.

  1. Brass with pewter cross and chalice
  2. Brass with pewter loaves and fishes
  3. Brass with pewter crucifix
  4. Brass with red painted chi-rho
  5. Brass with gold-colored textured cross
  6. Brass with pewter medallion bearing cross with a red stone at center and IHS monogram
  7. Brass with white enamel cross and red enamel dove
  8. Brass with black painted cross
  9. Brass with large Celtic crucifix topped with a green stone
  10. Brass with small Celtic cross

Item# 240465



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